Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Why are Printers Cheaper Than Ink

I just purchased an HP Photosmart wireless printer for $29.99. New ink for the printer cost about $40.

What's up with that???

The printer, with a nifty LCD screen, prints loverly, full color inkjet pages. HP wants me (and you too!) to be a long-term buyer of their ink, which is where the big bucks come in when it comes making money on printers. That's right! Printers are sometimes cheaper than ink.

It's like the supermarket selling their soda really cheap to get you into the store, so you can buy other stuff. OK...maybe it's only a little like that! More like getting a cheap subscription to a magazine in the hopes you'll renew for years into the full price, of course.

Whatever the reason, it is sometimes the case that you buy a new printer from HP, Epson, Lexmark, Canon and other major manufacturers and get the printer cheaper than you can get the ink.

So next time you need ink, think about buying yourself a new printer! Just make sure the printer comes with nice, new, full ink cartridges (and not some starter cartridge that some printers are rumored to carry).

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