Friday, September 23, 2011

Top 20 Free Blog Platforms

Where's the best free place to host your blog?

Beats me!

But I can tell you where several million bloggers are hosting theirs. Using a combination of metrics from Alexa and, and some lists of popular blog sites, here are the...

Top 20 Blog Platforms Where You Can Host For Free

1. Blogger/Blogspot (which is where you are this very moment!)
2. and
3. Tumblr
4. Typepad
5. Weebly
6. LiveJournal
7. Multiply
8. SquareSpace
9. Xanga
10. Bebo

12. Edublogs
14. Blogsome
15. DreamWidth
16. Insane Journal
17. Blogster
18. Blogetery
19. Aeonity

and last but certainly not least

20. tBlog

and I can resist runner-up

21. Greasy

See ya on the blog circuit!

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