Saturday, September 10, 2011

What are the Best Resources for Finding Old Newspaper Articles Online, for Free?


Online newspaper archives are sort of addictive. Especially, free online newspaper archives. There's something about seeing history and life and even grocery store ads from bygone times, unfolding as it appeared in real time back in the day. Here are the best sources for online historical newspapers, most of them free:

U.S. newspaper archives...a comprehensive and regularly updated list of free newspaper archives throughout the country.

Europe newspaper archives...ditto, except it covers Europe, west and east, back to the 1600s, believe it or not.

Other international archives...Canada, Palestine, Indonesia, South name it, it might be listed here.

Google news archives...Google keeps changing this around as they get sued by different publishers around the globe, so it may be a fantastic resource, it may stink. Have a look to see what's what. absolute best of the archive subscription services. You can search for free, and some of their materials are viewable for free, but there's a charge to see most of their content. Totally worth it, though.

College newspaper archives...Were mom and dad streaking in their college days? Grandpa swallowing goldfish? Here's the page that tells all.

Magazine archives...not a lot of options, but you can get the full text of Time magazine, the Atlantic Monthly and even a bit of Life.

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