Friday, August 12, 2011

How Can I Email a 1GB File for Free?

This one's easy. Your own email program might be just the ticket, even though it cuts off most attachments at some weenie number like 25MB. Look for a "Large Files" option (really!). For instance, Yahoo! Mail has a "Send Large Files" button over on the right-hand menu that lets you send attachments up to 2 GB. Perfect for sending videos, hi-rez photos, spreadsheets, databases or any other humongous files you care to transmit.

Or use an online large-file email service like YouSendIt or can try them both out for free.

Also, you can post a file to an upload service like Google Documents or SkyDrive, both of which accept pretty big files, but they do have some constraints on file size, so make sure you're not over their upload limits.

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