Thursday, August 11, 2011

How Can I Do a Stock History Lookup

Some days you just wake up and ya need to know: What was IBM selling for on February 12, 1974?

Well, good news. The Internet makes it super-easy to look up stock price histories. You can get tables of prices, pricing graphs, and even detailed histories of dividend payments and stock splits. My favorite resource is Yahoo! Finance because it's simple, comprehensive and flexible. You can adjust it to show daily prices, or average weekly or monthly price for long term charts. Google Finance (no exclamation point) also does a good job with its cool little click-and-grab slider graphs, but truth is, there are dozens of stock price history lookups you can find on the web. Pick the one that works best for your needs.

IBM on Feb 12, 1974? It opened at $228, hit a high of $230, a low of $226.50 and closed at $228.25 on volume of 489,600 shares. How's that for details?

Need more information? Newspaper archives are one of the best online research tools. If you're searching for information on people, try Intelius.